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Birthday Calendars are a traditional household item found in most European homes, but due to the wide reach of the Internet, we are pleased to present these unique and wonderful gift ideas to the entire Web community! In case its of interest we now have a page on the history of calendars - enjoy.

Typically handed down generation after generation, the Birthday Calendar serves as a continuous record and reminder of the birth dates of friends, family and loved ones. We've had companies in the fleet management sector who deal with vehicle management information system through to families who are meeting up for a special birthday who ordered from us.

Birthday-Calendars.Com has developed the Internet's only Online Perpetual Calendar Generator, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to upload your own images and then generate printable Birthday Calendars. Once exported, your Calendars can be e-mailed to friends and family, printed at home or sent to a professional for print on heavy card stock. The choice is yours and the options are plentiful! Just make sure that you check out the contractor insurance UK corporate birthday calendar we recently designed for KRS. We were able to combine some exciting imagery with some stock photos, and get a batch of them out within the agreed timescales. Get in contact if you want to discuss your corporate design.

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Our website memberships allow you to decide how many Birthday Calendars you will build. In addition to creating Birthday Calendars for your own family, consider creating Calendars as personalized gifts for friends getting married, returning from a holiday or for any seasonal holiday where a personal touch is appreciated!

Once printed, Perpetual Calendars are very easy to use! Simply add names as your friendships and family grow and by adding the year they were born, you'll never forget another birthday again!!

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