Online Pokies Explained

Pokies is a common game, both for online casinos and land-based casinos as well. Indeed, this game acts as a magnet that brings together millions of players from different areas around the globe. One of the reasons for this is that you can inject some small capital and become a millionaire. Here, no strategies or memorizing of long number combinations is required. Only your common sense and some basic iGaming knowledge anyway. Read more about Pokies and its variants at .

Different Pokies Variants

Pokies exist in three categories. There is the 3-reel classic machines, progressive pokies as well as the regular. Regular pokies come with fixed winning values regardless of the winning combination you land. Additionally, its jackpots also come with fixed amounts. On the other hand, there is the progressive pokies variant. Here, the jackpot grows by the day as more and more players engage in gameplay. Indeed, the jackpot grows so large that at some point it becomes a highly coveted money pool.

You can potentially hit the jackpot every day if chances arise. Here, you can be sure if it is the next spin that brings the goodies on board. There also exists classical pokies. This is also known as Vegas Style Pokies or the Fruit machines pokies. It comes with 3 reels and fruit-themed symbols. This pokies genre comes with a fixed jackpot prize. Winnings here are a bit meagre compared to the progressive jackpot pokies. However, the payout percentage is pretty high.

There are very many advantages that are associated with playing Pokies. Just like slots, pokies also can be used with free spins. This indeed points out that with Pokies, you can also benefit from the tens of bonuses and promotions casinos offer. Some casinos also come up with grand Prix type events, where you and other players can rack up points based on what you have wagered previously. Pokies is loved by lots of players both online and in landbased casinos for some other reasons including:-

  • Great payout rates
  • Easy to Play


Factors to Check out When Playing Pokies Online

Most Pokies machines come with a theoretical payout percentage of 87%. Indeed, some even come with higher values. A theoretical percentage simply means the number of bets that could be paid out to players after an infinite number of plays. Unfortunately, there is nothing such as an infinite number of plays. In other words, it’s not guaranteed that if a game comes with a 99% payback percentage will guarantee $9.9 for every $10 wagered. Looking for a game basing your search on payout percentages isn't a good idea after all.

Another thing you may need to keep in mind is that when playing Pokies, you might never find a machine labelled with a payout percentage of more than a hundred per cent. The point here is simple, the more a player bets without proper consideration, the more you are likely to lose. Indeed, overcoming this built-in edge towards the casino might just require lots of sheer luck as opposed to strategy. All in all, Pokies is one of the most loved casino games. Why not try your luck there?

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